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Flip Flap Home Studio


Welcome to our house!


We offer you a great artistic experience in a Flip Flap style. It’s a place where you can meet artist in person and be really close to his/hers performance. AND eat something we cook for you. Sounds good?

Rosalie Chatwin Band


Last year I started running Rosalie Chatwin Band with:
Karol 'Rolo' Jagieła - Guitar
Bogdan 'Bojo' Chajutin - Bass Guitar
Peter 'Pepe' Stoyanov - Percussions

We created our own style of playing music. I would call it acoustic, jazzy, RnB.. I am now working on my first CD. Now we are playing a lot of concerts around Poland.


Small Acoustic Project




Voice - Paulina Lenda 

Guitar - Maciej Czemplik 

Percussions - Peter Stoyanov 


Balkan Folk Acousic 


Bulgarian Folklore band from Wroclaw Poland


Jam Sessions


Percussions, sound engineering, mastering and video recording  - Peter Stoyanov 

The other musicians Vary 

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