Clown School With Pepe 
Professional training program

Level 1 - Finding your inner clown

Level 2 - Working with a partner

Level 3 - Group training and improvisation

Non professional training program

    The work is based on the belief that everyone has a clown within. You don’t create your clown; you simply let it out to live in front of others. The next step is to accept it with affection and then, share it with others.

    This is a workshop with the goal of discovering your inner clown character by working on: simplicity, sincerity, vulnerability of play, honesty of emotions, joy and keeping it light.

    The Art of Clown demands that the actor commit emotionally, with great generosity and knowledge of himself. Before making people laugh you must be able to laugh at yourself.

    We developed a method and style of character research based on openness, pleasure, creativity and being able to listen to your own emotions and to the public. The work is profoundly personal, physical and emotional.

    The goal of the clown is to make people laugh and to touch them emotionally. The public identifies with the clown despite his stupidity. It is through commitment, honesty of emotions and the humility of the actor that a character becomes interesting, captivating and universal.

    The art of clown is often misunderstood and few people realise the immense amount of work behind it. The art of clown is not generally well known to the majority of people. And, the collective memory of this art has been forgotten and we often ignore the fact that this art itself have evolved into many directions. How clown is represented in the collective imagination has suffered in part because commercial appropriation has taken away part of its magic and left us with a sterile image. We want to show the artistic community and the community in general, the strength and meaning behind the art of clown. In  long period of time, the art of clown has influenced comedy, sitcoms, physical theatre and many other art forms.